Carolyn L

What I love about Caroline's photos is how she captures the looks I see in my daughter all the time. Somehow, without prodding, Caroline quickly captures the essence of an era in their lives...the sweet and funny little looks that I cherish and can very rarely get on film myself.  Unlike traditional studio shoots, it's neither forced nor unnatural.  She just shows up, hangs out, and gets amazing shots.  I'm so grateful!

Caroline's photos are luminouse, thoughtful and fun! She captures those wondrous little moments with gorgeous shots that are now unbelieveably special memories for our family. She is also a delight to work with. I can't say enough.  

Beth H

Karen S

Photographing children has got to be one of the most difficult jobs but Caroline has it mastered.  I was amazed at the quality of photos that came from the shoot and actually had tears in my eyes the photos were so beautiful.  I plan on using her services for years to come and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Stacy Labriola, Music with Stacy

I just wanted you to know (again!) how much I enjoy your photography.  I think you are my favorite photographer of all time—certainly of children—and certainly the MOST talented photographer I know personally. I've been reading your blog and love ALL the photos and your funny folksy but insightful writings. You are so freakishly talented yet so down to earth. We are lucky you settled here. I'm privy to many of your photos via my kid/baby music network.  Bar none, your photos are everybody's top picks. Sure wish you would have been around when my kids were small.